Paintings - Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland

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The mandala is a representation of the all inclusive circle of life, a symbol of oneness and completion.

All Thoughtful Gifts of Art products are made exclusively in the USA using eco-friendly materials and my desire to support other American business owners. Each mandala is hand printed by me. They have been designed to activate deep transformation inside the soul to attract divine energy of love and peace.

"This is the most rewarding work I've ever done. It is a creative and fulfilling adventure and facilitates my own spiritual and personal transformation!" The Mandala designs and colors are beautiful, vibrant and stunning. Fabric is shockingly heat & stain resistant.

My Guiding Principle: Creatively Celebrating Thoughtful Gifts of Art

What People Say:

I love my new mandala items! I was looking for something soothing to put over my desk and this is the perfect choice. So lovely and made with care.

Stunning and powerful! A perfect complement to energy work. Beautifully and artfully crafted. Thanks so much!

Truly magical and inspiring! The colors are outstanding. The energy and uses for this piece are limitless. Arrived in no time.

You can feel the universal energy in each of these amazing pieces.

Quality that is rarely seen in these times. The colors are bold and vibrant. The material is top notch. This artist truly works in harmony with the universal energy. Shipping was also rapid and well protected. I could not be more pleased. A+++

Lovely. Magical. Beautiful. Powerful. Gratitude.