Sri Yantra Altar Blesser Cloth

Sri Yantra Altar Blesser Cloth
Sri Yantra Altar Blesser Cloth Sri Yantra Altar Blesser Cloth
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King of all Yantras. Use this supreme instrument in the path of spiritual advancement. The Sri Yantra is a tool to give a vision of the totality of existence, so that the adept may internalize its symbols for the ultimate realization of his unity with the cosmos. Use in your sacred space, as an altar cloth. Bless, energize, and harmonize all your meaningful objects with this Sri Yantra for transformation.  

Great for traveling when doing yoga, meditation and centering. Perfect for your Angel and Tarot cards. It's light weight and can be rolled up.

Printed on 1 side with eco friendly inks. Hand printed by me, with love. Size: app. 8.75" x 14.75".

Candles, hand made plate and picture NOT included.

Felt is shockingly heat & stain resistant. Hand printed on 100% recycled Eco-Fi felt. Made in USA.
I use a permanent ink process that penetrates the surface producing insane, vibrant, high quality images that won't fade.

Rhett Headley in Ojai, CA is the artist of the original design. Rhett learned the beginning steps of inner consciousness with his father, Thomas Headley when he was 12 years old. His father and mother were President and Vice President of WPEC. World Plan Executive Council for Heaven on Earth from the mid 70's to the Mid 90's.

Mandala symbolizes completion or wholeness, a reflection of one's innermost being.
~Om Shanti~

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